The right assessment can be a game changer when it comes to hiring, retaining and developing the right people.

Gain surprising insights that will help you make better people decisions with McQuaig® and Flowprofiler®.

Assessment areas:

  • Personality questionnaires that measure core aspects of personality.
  • Ability tests that measure reasoning and various aspects of intelligence.

These tools help organizations make better people decisions. Assessments help reduce hiring manager mistakes and help line managers develop and motivate their teams. Our assessments enable organizations to reduce employee turnover, increase revenue and boost morale.

Our portfolio will meet your business needs. In a competitive candidate market, we enable you to capture the talent your organization needs. The tools capture the essential personality insights needed to help us make successful hiring decisions and career development plans. Easy to use for all users and candidates, our assessments are easy to administer and are supported with professional training in interpreting the results.

It is a collection of assessments that measure emotional and social intelligence, motivation and resilience in the workplace.

The Flowprofiler® family helps people discover their personal excellence and potential. We offer training and mentoring workshops to support Flowprofiler® assessments by supporting the growth of those who want to develop. With training and guidance, individuals can develop and enhance these skills in the quest to achieve an end state of positive engagement.

Our reports provide a snapshot of how a person will perform in a role. It will show you how to motivate them and tell you if they are a good fit for the position you are hiring for.

Obtendrá más información de la que obtiene de un CV y recibirá apoyo con preguntas de entrevista basadas en el comportamiento.


Our Career Type report analyzes your personality DNA and provides career-focused information based on your interests, motivators, social expectations and strengths to empower you to make informed career decisions. Career Type uses an advanced and rigorously tested methodology that compares your personality to 22 major career areas and provides you with a list of specific careers that are ranked based on how well they match your personality. Using positive psychology, Career Type ensures that you understand the strengths you uniquely bring to the workforce.


BIRKMAN® Signature is our advanced behavioral report that provides data-rich information to drive successful organizational development and help you grow professionally. Our high-level personality data will help you increase emotional intelligence, amplify growth and strengthen performance.

Master Personal Analysis (MPA)

It is a work personality test that helps companies to optimize their personnel selection and development processes, identifying potential and talent. It is made up of nine basic properties that in turn are interrelated in three central areas Ego Strength, Social Factors and Work Styles. In addition, this test allows you to know the styles of people in a work team: team worker, coordinator, initiator, creative, critical, resource seeker, company worker or finisher. Use this test to complement the talents of existing teams with new talent in the company.